Outdoor Fitness

In the vicinity of the hotel a jogging trail and outdoor fitness named Lamk is situated. It is part of the walking path 3b, which starts and ends at the Hotel Cerkno. The whole path 3b, which leads to the trail, is marked and the 5 gymnastic apparatus allow you to perform different exercises.

The fitness is suitable for easy exercises, but combined with jogging also for increasing your physical endurance and for weight reduction.

Hunting and fishing

The region Cerkljanska offers ideal conditions for hunting in unspoiled nature, where one can enjoy in peace admiring all the natural sights that nature has created through the centuries. The nature is enormously rich in fauna, notably with chamois and deers.

The crystal-clear river Idrijca is an ideal natural habitat for fish and attracts many visitors and fishing enthusiasts from all over the world excpecially with its marble- or Soča-trout.


Paragliding is one of those adrenalin sports  which every year attracts more and more enthusiasts. Steep slopes in the surroundings of Cerkno and beautiful scenic views invite you to experience un unforgettable sailing.

A tandem flight is the best opportunity for all those who do not have their own parachute. We offer you a tandem paragliding flight with an experienced instructor. This is a great way of getting into paragliding or just experiencing the joy of freeflight.


Visit our equipped climbing rock Lutne skale, which is situated in the mountain gorge Kazarska grapa which is full of natural sights - a natural bridge, a river bed and rapids, pools and tufa layers can be seen.

Drive in direction to the small village Laharn, but descend in front of the village towards the Lutne skale. In this freeclimbing area you can choose climbing routes of different levels of difficulty.

The climbing is led by experienced alpinistic instructors, who gained their experiences by climbing in Himalayas, Peru, Alps and worldwide.


For the paintball in the vicinity of Cerkno you need neither precognition nor special equipment, all you need is a comfortable pair of shoes.

Paintball is a sport that appeals to people of all different ages, who want to spend an active outdoor afternoon.

Our outdoor paintball field is suitable for 6, 8 or 10 players and enables them to win in an action game only together as a team.

Horseback riding

The region Cerkljanska with its diverse terrain, roadless areas, ravines, hills and numerous lovely villages is a fabulous place for horseback riding.

You can choose to ride in an arena or to go for a long ride with an experienced horse leader, what is the best way to explore all the hidden corners of this marvellus and uncontaminated nature with woods and wide meadows in between.

Your outdoor adventure can be combined with spending the night nestled in a bed of straw – in a hayloft or in the outdoors.

Exploring Slovenia by motorbike

Hilly countryside, unique roads, the world of ancient memories, marvelous places, culinary delights and kindly people – this is the region Cerkljanska.

We are inviting you to get familiar with the diversity of this landscape which was formed by nature and hardworking hands.

Let us surprise you and you will experience amazing views at exploring the region Cerkljanska and the rest of Slovenia on your motorcycle.

We offer free garage for your motorcycle.


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