Recommendable Cycling Tours

Because we know our surroundings extremely well, we can recommend the most suitable cycling tour for you to explore all our sights.

SC Cerkno

(Parking lot Počivalo - Restaurant SC Cerkno - Počivalo; 1 h)

Starting point is at the parking lot Počivalo, where you`ll find the sign for "Apartments SC Cerkno". The track is curving partly on the asphalt and partly on the macadam road through woods, that  offer a lot of shadow.

In the mountain range Cerkljansko hribovje

(Cerkno - Ravne - Jesenica - Bukovo - Zakojca - Gorje - Poče - Novaki - Kladje - Lajše - Zaganjalka - Cerkljanski vrh, 5 h)

Set off from the centre of Cerkno and head towards Želin. Turn right just after the cemetery. The first 500 meters of the climb are very steep, than it becomes more gradual as it follows a picturesque valley.

On the trail of flutes and taverns

(Cerkno - Želin - Jagršče - Šebrelje - Stopnik - Straža - Cerkno, 3,5 h)

Set off from the centre of Cerkno and head towards Želin where you turn right and cross the bridge towards Jagršče. Follow the river Idrijca for the first 500 m, then climb the paved road to the village Gorenji Potoki, where the climb becomes more gradual. 

Along the Rapal border line

(Cerkno - Planina - Kladje - Oselica - Ermanovec - Kladje - »Vrh ulce« - Leskovica - Robidnica – parking lot Počivalo - Blegoš - parking lot Počivalo - Dolenji Novaki - Log – Cerkno; 4,5 h)

Start in Cerkno and drive in direction to the village Planina. After 1,8 km on the main road there is a macadam road on the right side. 

Cycling tour Nature 2000

(Cerkno - Trebenče - Zakriž - Vrh križa - Jesenice - Orehek - Orehovška grapa - Želin - Cerkno, 2 h)

Start in Cerkno and drive towards the village Trebenče (2,1 km), above which domineers the Church of St. Jošt with mural paintings about the danse macabre. 

For your bike

Cerkno with its surroundings is a paradise for bikers, who like to explore undiscovered areas. The basic equipment of every cyclist is his bike therefore our hotel offers a garage for free and a possible cleaning of your bike.

Right next to the hotel there is also a bicycle shed with service and a shop with bicycle spare parts.

Naj bo vaše kolo naša skrb

Hotel Cerkno has received the QUDAL quality certificate in the category of cycling hotels for 2018/19. The QUDAL certificate is awarded by the Swiss research house Icertias.

Rent a bike

Our guests can rent a Cult mountain bike and the protective equipment. So you don´t have to worry about the transport of bicycles cause at our house you will find well maintained bikes for free.

The region Cerkljanska offers excellent possibilities for discovering a diverse and untouched nature by bike. The cycling tours are of various levels of difficulty and suitable for all bicycle fans.

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